We have connected with community groups along the entire 190km proposed alignment. As this represents a substantial distance, communities are impacted in different ways. Farming and Agriculture is the focus of many but the situation in Darley is quite different. There are 1000s of residents who will be impacted and our fight is more related to environment, landscape character, biodiversity, bushfire risk and impact on visual amenity to name a few. Our concerns are very similar to a group known as Solve Tasmania. They are fighting to conserve and enhance the character of significant landscapes. TasNetworks/UPC Renewables (under the umbrella of the ‘Marinus Project’) are proposing an industrial scale transmission line through their North-West region, levelling everything in its path. Loongana is a heavily forested and narrow valley between two ranges.  The proposed transmission line and easement will cut through the entire valley west to east.  It will become the dominant feature in the landscape and every resident will be directly impacted.