• Infrastructure specifications vary due to topography and network voltage. The approximate specifications are:
    Dimension of tower base: 16m x 16m for 220kV; 20m x 20m for 500kV
  • Tower heights: 40m to 60m for 220kV; 60m to 80m for 500kV
    Span length: 450m to 550m for both 220kV and 500kV
  • Pile foundation: diameter ranging from 1.5m to 3m and depth 5m to 20m.
  • Tower hardstand: 40m x 40m for 220kV; 50m x 50m for 500kV. These areas include the tower base.
  • Stringing sites:  40m x 40m for both 220kV and 500kV.
    Access tracks: 6m wide.
  • Easement widths:  40m to 60m for 220kV; 70m to 100m for 500kV.