AusNet Services owns and operates the majority of the electricity transmission system in Victoria. Our network of transmission towers and terminal stations support around 6,500 kilometres of conductors (the wires). The corridors of land on which this network is built are referred to as transmission line easements.

An easement is a right to access, occupy and use part of the land owned by another person for a particular purpose. For example, the construction and operation of a transmission line. Easements are usually subject to any conditions negotiated between the grantor and grantee of the easement, and are registered on the title to the land affected, creating a public record of the existence of the interest in the land.

An easement is generally considered the best possible form of land tenure available to accommodate a transmission line and obtaining easements for the construction and operation of transmission lines is standard practice in Victoria.

For more information about transmission easements, please visit the Transmission – Easement Use page(External link) on the AusNet Services website.