Floating Gas Terminal Proposal at Crib Point Rejected by Victorian Government

Floating Gas Terminal Proposal at Crib Point Rejected

Locals celebrated their victory

A Floating Gas Terminal Proposal at Crib Point was rejected by the Victorian Government as locals celebrated their victory, concerned about the impact the plant would have had on the environment.

A proposal for a 300-metre-long floating gas terminal off the Mornington Peninsula has been rejected by the Victorian Government.

Planning Minister Richard Wynne said the Crib Point terminal would have had unacceptable environmental effects in Western Port.

The terminal would have discharged up to 180 Olympic swimming pools of chlorinated water into Western Port every day.

This has been an exhaustive, open and transparent process and this is the right outcome for the local community, the environment and Victoria as a whole,” Mr Wynne said.

It’s very clear to me that this project would cause unacceptable impacts on the Western Port environment and the Ramsar wetlands — it’s important that these areas are protected.

The plant would have been adjacent to an internationally-recognised wetland and 12 kilometres from the closest marine park.

Gas plant would keep tourists away ‘forever’

The Victorian Greens welcomed the decision, calling the floating gas terminal “a terrible idea from the start”.

This is a huge win for the local community, the Greens and all Victorians who campaigned long and hard against this disastrous gas import ship and pipeline,” Deputy Leader of the Victorian Greens Ellen Sandell said.

After being dragged kicking and screaming into doing an environmental assessment process, we’re very glad that the Victorian Government has eventually made the right decision.

Candy Van Rood, from the community group Save Western Port, said so many local people had been actively fighting against the plan.

We’ve been driven by our love for Western Port Bay, and now it’s paying off,” she said.

Jono La Nauze, from Environment Victoria, said the market had spoken and it wanted to switch to cleaner renewables.

Read the full story at: ABC News: Jessica Longbottom

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“This will assess the proposed area between Bulgana and Sydenham through Victoria’s most transparent and rigorous environmental assessment framework.”

Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning

“While this project is important to the future of Victoria’s power system, it’s critical we assess its environmental effects to avoid or minimise impacts on the community or the environment.”

Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning

“The Victorian Government supports an efficient, modern, sustainable and affordable energy system – the EES process will tell us exactly where we stand and how we can move forward, it’s important to get this right.”

Richard Wynne, Minister for Planning

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