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Our members are what make Darley Power Fight the strong advocate it is. We are making a lot of noise and are certainly being heard. We come from all walks of life, but one things is common, we do not want overhead transmission lines in our back yard. If you are passionate about preserving our stunning region and protecting your home from the many impacts of the WVTNP, join now so we can stop this together.


There is no cost to join and there are no expectations or liabilities. Being a member allows us to demonstrate the size of the community behind our fight to protect our region from all negative impacts of the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project (WVTNP). If you can help, it’s really appreciated. If you are not sure what you could possibly do, check out the ‘Get Involved’ section of the website.

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Some things you can do

The only way to make a difference is to get involved. Don’t sit back and wait for others to do something. When you are staring at 85m towers in a few years, you will be kicking yourself for not doing something when you had the chance.  This is OUR only chance to prevent these towers so get involved now.

Send a letter to decision makers

Show our decision-makers that people like you care about what happens to our environment. To make this process quick and easy, we have prepared ready-made letters you can sign instantly online or download and post if you prefer. If you wish to convey your personal view, feel free to edit any of these before sending. Sending a letter can and does make a difference.

Join our Facebook Community

We’ve created a Darley Power Fight Facebook Community to share information, discuss ideas and voice our concerns. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends to join too.

Share on Social Media

Help spread the word by sharing this website, our social banners and Facebook Community on social media. The more we all share, the more people will know about this campaign and the greater our chances of making a difference. Encourage everyone you know to get on board.

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Spread the word

It may surprise you that not everyone knows about this project or the impact on our community. Help spread the word by telling your neighbours, family and friends. Tell them about this campaign site and encourage them to get on board. The more people involved, the louder our collective voice will be and the greater our change of being heard.


Some volunteers help regularly. Others help out with specific projects or activities. There’s always something happening and always work to do, we appreciate any assistance people can give.

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Join Now

Get Involved

The only way to make a difference is to get involved. It’s easy to sit back and wait for others to do something but when you are staring at 75-85m towers in a few years time, you will kicking yourself for not doing something when you had the chance.  This is OUR only chance to stop these towers, so get involved now.

Welcome to the home of Darley Power Fight. A group of residents in Darley, Coimadai and Merrimu, united against high voltage transmission towers passing through our backyard. We came together through the realisation the transmission line will divide a narrow corridor between Darley and the Lerderderg State Park; altering landscape character, causing widespread damage to critical habitat for threatened species, increasing fire risk to the Park and thousands of residents, destroy our visual amenity, harm local agriculture and will impact businesses and property values. It will completely desecrate, in a few years, what nature has taken millions of years to create.

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