Wedge-tailed Eagle and Nest Sightings

I am collating data on all Wedge-tailed Eagle and nest sightings along the proposed WVTNP corridor through Long Forest, Merrimu, Coimadai, Darley, Pentland Hills and Myrniong. I am focusing on these areas specifically as research has shown there to be a high concentration of Wedge-tailed Eagles through this region. These amazing raptors are protected under the Wildlife Act 1975 yet many are killed every year by overhead powerlines. Their habitat, territory and nests must be protected. All data provided will be uploaded to the BirdLife database so I can demonstrate the severity of impact.

Wedge-tailed Eagle Nest
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Welcome to the home of Darley Power Fight. A group of residents in Darley, Coimadai and Merrimu, united against high voltage transmission towers passing through our backyard. We came together through the realisation the transmission line will divide a narrow corridor between Darley and the Lerderderg State Park; altering landscape character, causing widespread damage to critical habitat for threatened species, increasing fire risk to the Park and thousands of residents, destroy our visual amenity, harm local agriculture and will impact businesses and property values. It will completely desecrate, in a few years, what nature has taken millions of years to create.

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