Merrimu is unique in providing uninterrupted views of the Pyrete Range portion of the Lerderderg State Park and Merrimu Reservoir. This area north of Bacchus Marsh contains properties where visual amenity has a high perceived importance, and the duration of views and number of observers is greater than some surrounding areas, the resulting visual impact is regarded as being extremely high.

The viewpoints selected were re-created to be consistent with those represented in the Western Victoria Transmission Network Project AoI. The visual impact of the selected viewpoints were evaluated on a qualitative basis. The visual impact of the Proposal was assessed using a range of criteria against which the relative importance of each observer location was determined, including: context, setting, site elements, site character, adjacent development, distance to view (foreground, middle-ground and background), land use, visual prominence of the development, and potential changes to the view setting.

These re-creations allow the existing character of the area the be visually evaluated and specifically confirmed the relevance of locations that would potentially be subject to visual impacts from the Proposal.

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Merrimu Reservoir Picnic Area
Merrimu Reservoir Picnic Area
Merrimu Reservoir Picnic Area
Merrimu Reservoir Picnic Area

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